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  1. This is my #1 sativa. It is the king of day time smoking. It gives you energy and fucus. It is fluffy, but in the best way possible. The smoke is always smooth and has a citrus/pine smell/taste. ATF is one of my Mt. Rushmore strains, for sure.

  2. This is the value KING! The is the best bang for my buck when its on special. it tastes good, it smells good, it smokes good, it will give you the munchies. I put this in my rotation OFTEN!

  3. I love this bud! The buds look and smell amazing. The smoke was dank and tasted a little sweet. The high was super relaxed, but not sleepy. I smoked it every day until it was gone. I should get more soon…

  4. Not your average 80% sativa. This bud packs a punch that had me a little higher than I was expecting. I move it from me daytime rotation to my nighttime rotation. Very high quality smoke. It really tastes like berries and it did make me cough. Lives up to the name!

  5. This is a heavy heavy bud. Not only are the buds super dense, they will also floor you. This is “eat a burger and have a nap” type of weed. It smokes well, a little peppery. I highly recommend for the experienced smoker who has a few hours to kill or needs a sleep aid.