As a TWT member, you can now start earning Wellness Points on every dollar spent. Additionally, points will be rewarded for product reviews, and for new member sign-ups. Points can be redeemed at cart or checkout for a discount on your order.

3 Ways to Earn

Create an account

250 points

Place an order

1 point for every dollar spent

Leave a review

25 points per review


Where can I see how many points I have?

You can view your total points and points history by going to My Account > Wellness Points, or by clicking this link.

How do I apply my points to my order?

Wellness Points can be applied to your order on the ‘Redeem your Wellness Points’ Section on the cart/checkout page.

How much are the points worth?

25 Wellness Points are worth $1 in discounts. So, for example, if you applied 250 points to your order, that would be equal to a $10.00 discount.

Start shopping now and earn points on your next purchase.